Civic Education Rhode Island

Volume I – Issue 3                                   Michael Trofi, Coordinator                                               October 2006

From the Coordinator

Civic Education – Rhode Island has been actively engaged in a wide array of projects, programs and activities.  Last year was particularly busy.  I especially want to publicly thank Carlo Gamba for his continued support and help.


Civic Mission of Schools:

            Rhode Island has been very active in promoting the Civic Mission of Schools.  Through the Rhode Island Legislature’s Permanent Commission on Civic Education, many issues have been addressed.  Through the leadership of its co-chairs, Senator Hanna Gallo (D) and Representative Susan Story (R), the following issues have been accomplished:

  • Sponsored enactment of legislation which requires the Rhode Island Board of Regents to adopt civic education standards K-12 which emphasizes representative government; the rights and duties of citizenship, principles of democracy and the teaching of Rhode Island History;
  • Conducted a civic education retreat which was attended by legislators, public and community leaders, and representatives of numerous civic education organizations.
  • Formed statewide ad hoc committees to promote civic education activities.  These groups will be addressing:

>Community engagement

> The use of technology to support civic education programs/activities,

> Professional Development

>Best classroom and school practices

>Joint Student/Legislative Advisory Council

>Standards and Accountability

  • Assisted the Rhode Island Department of Education to begin the process of developing civic education standards.
  • Conducted a state summit on civic education with a focus on “youth” and helped pass legislation to form a Commission to examine youth issues and how they will impact civic education.


Senator Gallo and Representative Story

We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution:

      Rhode Island conducted its state competition in March.  West Warwick High School under the able leadership of Marc LeBlanc won the 2006 competition.  They represented Rhode Island in national competition in May.  Many thanks to the all Rhode Island schools/teachers who enhance the growth of civic knowledge.

West Warwick High School   

(New Brunswick High School, New Jersey, repeated as national winners.)