Civic Ed - Rhode Island




We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution


Pre WTP Summer Institute Readings



Prior to coming to the Institute, please review 2 websites and look for:  for WTP specially the Companion materials for literature connection


The following readings for Unit 1 and Unit 2 are available electronically on the Center for Civic Education website in the reference/primary sources section.


CLICK HERE to download.


Unit I:


Review WTP Text




Aristotle, The Politics, Book IV, Parts XI and XII


Two Treatises of Government, John Locke, Book II "The Second Essay" Chapters 1-3, 9-13, 19


Unit 2:


Review WTP Text




The Federalist Papers: No. 1, 10, 39, 51, 78, 84


Brutus, Essays No. 1 and 2


Federal Farmer, Essays No. 4 and 8


Unit 3:


Review WTP text




Draft Course Outline


Interpreting the Constitution Reading One


Interpreting the Constitution Reading Two